PIECEOFTRSH? – 970322 : Unthought…Uncooked as Well


PIECEOFTRSH is back and, this time, with his latest project “ 970322 : Unthought…Uncooked as Well “ !‬

had been stuck in a loop stemming from a clash of thoughts, art insult, procrastination and fear of the unknown… yea it’s rife at these times since i had no pot to piss in the scene … my collection of low-freq, raw and uncooked material grew over the years to a slew of them and couldn’t insult my art anymore… so voila… some few songs I love to hate

unthought and uncooked songs for you recorded on my dumbphone ahh I suck at engineering…and you can bump them if you want with lots of love pieceoftrsh?

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