Artista: LayLizzy
Titulo:  Intelligent Ignorance (Mixtape-2012)
Genero: Rap

Lista das Músicas: 

  1. Dear God_Daydream Feat. Sp & Luar
  2. The Trillest Nights 
  3. Kill Yo’self You aint Trill Enough feat. Slick
  4. Benze$ and Dough Trill N____ Dreams
  5. Too Trill
  6. Money Talks
  7. Little Man_2015 Feat. Sp
  8. Greedy
  9. Leaking Feat. Kaem
  10. F.N.F.M. Feat. Blanco & Ellp 
  11. Nyce Guy 
  12. Future Feat. Tricks 
  13. Family Feat. Sp
  14. Playa Playing Since 2000_ My Bad fFat. Monitto  
  15. For Love
  16. S.W.T (Screw The World) feat. Carmen 
  17. Trill Empire feat. Kaem
  18. Death By Jelousy _ Funeral Feat. Teknik 
  19. The Preacher_ Too Trill to Quit 
  20. BONUS- Yes Sir, No Sir!

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