YakaNgwenya – Migraine feat. PDYUNGIN & TRRSHXXX?


Check out the brand new video for @YakaNgwenya ‘s track “ Migraine “ w/ @ANUBIZ_THE_SON & @PIECEOFTRSH !

Migraine is a complex condition with a wide variety of symptoms. For many people the main feature is a painful headache. Other symptoms include disturbed vision, sensitivity to light, sound and smells, feeling sick and vomiting.

Migraine attacks can be very frightening and may result in you having to lie still for several hours.”

This song was created during a moment of pain and symptoms similar to that of a Migraine. The instrumental kind of reflects the pain sensation that My Brain was transmitting to me during that moment.

Although I was with a major headache due to lack of sleep, I felt compelled to make this song.

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